first steps in Tablet Weaving

This tablet weaving book for beginners is meant to get you started.
The book begins explaining terms and concepts, the tools that are needed and how to make the tablets.
A simple method to thread the tablets, to arrange the tablets in a pack and to stretch the warp, follows.
Most samples shown on pages 18/19 are described and woven with twelve pattern tablets.
Double-faced tablet weaving, the most suitable technique for weaving images and text, is explained as well as the rules for making weaving drafts.
Next: an easy method to create your own designs for narrow or wide bands and then weave them.
The last chapter covers the threaded-in motifs. With a simple threading you will be able to weave a nearly endless amount of unexpected motifs by varying and combining the number of forward- and backward turns. Samples are shown in colour.
The book is only available as PDF.
Price: € 9,00.